Poutuarongo Whakaakoranga

Bachelor of Teaching (Māori Medium)

Poutuarongo Whakaakoranga is the popular and dynamic three-year teacher training degree that produces competent and passionate teacher practitioners, who are in high demand for the Māori immersion schooling environment.

This course is taught in te reo Māori.

A demanding yet rewarding programme builds skill, proficiency and confidence across three core areas namely, te reo me ōna tikanga, te anga tautake or Māori philosophical framework and best teaching practices. The three-pronged approach ensures that core skills are seamlessly and holistically integrated into the degree programme which begins with foundation building in year one. 

Teaching fundamentals such as planning and assessment, curriculum content, classroom management and teaching strategies, student management systems, and best practice for teaching literacy and numeracy are all placed within a Māori philosophical and values framework. Te reo competency and fluency is built through content delivery (95% delivery in te reo), hui rumaki reo and a specific focus on increasing language proficiency both oral and written. Iwi and hapū studies further underpin the integration of aronga Māori (Māori worldview) across the programme.

The key focus of Poutuarongo Whakaakoranga is to produce capable, knowledgeable graduates who teach from and impart a Māori world view, whilst at the same time build proficiency and competency across curriculum content. Ongoing teaching practicums provide vital classroom/school training and experience to combine the best of teaching praxis. Graduates of Poutuarongo Whakaakoranga are competent to teach a range of subjects using the Māori language across all language environments including immersion, bilingual and mainstream.

The Poutuarongo Whakaakoranga is NZQA accredited and approved by the New Zealand Teaching Council. 

To enrol in this qualification you must first complete the Heke Whakaakoranga which is a one year diploma and the first year towards this three year qualification. The Heke Whakaakoranga, Diploma of Teaching (Māori Medium), is awarded to those who successfully complete the first year of study.

TeachNZ have scholarships that support this teaching qualification. See their website for more details https://www.teachnz.govt.nz/scholarships

Download the digital flyer pdf Poutuarongo Whakaakoranga 2020.



Poutuarongo Whakaakoranga

Bachelor of Teaching (Māori Medium)

Code: PW
Credits: 360
3 years
Level: NZQA Level 7
Delivery: Residential seminars, self directed learning and online delivery
Location: Ōtaki
Mode: Te reo Māori
Next Intake: Huringa 1 (March)
Entry Requirements: Applicants under the age of 20 must have university entrance (UE) or the equivalent to UE. The literacy, numeracy and ITC competency assessments will be used to ensure that applicants over the age of 20 meet comparable literacy and numeracy requirements as those entering with UE. Applicants will also demonstrate an intermediate to advanced level of te reo Māori and have a strong commitment to progress te reo Māori me ōna tikanga in their teaching practice. Students will require regular internet access, email address and computer, laptop, tablet or other suitable mobile device is required. For more information on entry requirements see appendix one of the academic regulations.
Tuition Fees: $9,960 (approximately)




  • Year One

    PWA101 Tautake Māori 1
    PWA102 Whakamahere Me Te Aromatawai 1
    PWA103 Whakahaere 1
    PWA104 Marautanga 1
    PWA105 Mahi Ako 1.1


    IWI101 Private Study of One Marae
    IWI102 Private Study of Iwi History

  • Year Two

    PWA201 Tautake Māori 2
    PWA202 Whakamahere 2 Me Te Aromatawai 2
    PWA203 Whakahaere 2
    PWA204 Marautanga 2
    PWA205 Mahi Ako 2.1


    IWI201 Private Study of One Hapū
    IWI202 Selected Private Studies

  • Year Three

    PWA301 Tautake Māori 3
    PWA302 Whakamahere Me Te Aromatawai 3
    PWA303 Whakahaere 3
    PWA304 Marautanga 3
    PWA305 Mahi Ako 3.1


    IWI301 Oral Literature Studies
    IWI302 Hapū and Iwi Performance

After Graduation

Ka puta te ihu

  • Kaiwhakaako Māori
  • Education Advisor
  • Primary School Teacher / Tutor
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Tertiary Lecturer
  • Policy Analyst
  • Counselor
  • Language Specialist