Heke Ahunga Tikanga

Diploma in Māori Laws and Philosophy

The Māori Laws & Philosophy - Ahunga Tikanga programme is premised on the understanding that Māori Law is the first law of Aotearoa. The programme aims to produce graduates who have a better than good understanding of tikanga Māori, in both an historical and contemporary

You will examine Māori legal systems which existed prior to contact with Pākehā and to reveal the presence of tikanga as a highly successful and selfcontained law. In addition, analyse the impact of of Pākehā values on Māori legal systems, and critique legal processes encountered in contemporary times.

The Heke (Diploma) begins with the concept of whakapapa which is regarded as the foundation of Māori law, and which leads to a consideration of the fundamental principles of tikanga Māori such as whanaungatanga, utu, tapu and noa. 

Heke Ahunga Tikanga is a one year diploma programme and the first year of the Poutuarongo or Bachelor degree. Achievement of the Heke (Diploma) provides opportunity to progress through Years 2 to 3 and, to acquire Poutuarongo Ahunga Tikanga (Bachelor of Māori Laws & Philosophy).

Heke Ahunga Tikanga

Diploma in Māori Laws and Philosophy

Code: HAT
1 year
Level: NZQA Level 5
Delivery: Residential seminars, self directed learning and online delivery
Mode: Bilingual (Māori/English)
Next Intake: Huringa 1 (March)
Entry Requirements: Minimum age of 17 years. Regular internet access, email address and computer, laptop, tablet or other suitable mobile device is required.
Tuition Fees: $3,816 (approximately)



  • Year One

    PAT101 Whakapapa and the Beginning of Law
    PAT102 Laws of Ranginui and Papatūānuku
    PAT103 Laws of Tāne
    PAT104 Laws of Tangaroa
    PAT105 Reciprocity and the Essence of Law


    ART101 Private Study of One Marae
    ART102 Private Study of Iwi History
    ART103 Interviews with Two Kaumātua


    REO101W or REO101M Akoranga ā-wiki (Weekly Reo Classes) or Te Ako Mai i Tawhiti (Distance Learning)
    REO102H Hui Rumaki Reo Hui 1
    REO103H Hui Rumaki Reo Hui 2

After Graduation

Ka puta te ihu

  • Independent researcher
  • Project researcher