Tāhuhu Ahunga Tikanga

Master of Māori Laws and Philosophy

The Tāhūhū Ahunga Tikanga graduate will be able to explain tikanga tuku iho and assist with the establishment and maintenance of institutions (and institutional arrangements) that are driven and assessed by the principles and application of tikanga tuku iho. They will be able to investigate the origins of Pākehā law and its impact on tikanga Māori, and explain the place of tikanga Māori alongside the laws and philosophies of other peoples. 

Graduates of the Tāhuhu Ahunga Tikanga have the potential to be researchers, teacher and practitioners, particularly amongst their own people.

Tāhuhu Ahunga Tikanga

Master of Māori Laws and Philosophy

Code: TAT
Credits: 240 credits
 2 years
Level: NZQA Level 9
Delivery: Residential seminars, self directed learning and online delivery
Location: Ōtaki
Mode: Bilingual (Māori/English)
Next Intake: Huringa 1 (March)
Entry Requirements: Applicants must be at least 17 years of age. Evidence of support from a hapū or iwi is to be provided. Candidates must be able to show that they have the background which is appropriate for the successful undertaking of the programme. Regular internet access, email address and computer, laptop, tablet or other suitable mobile device is required.
Tuition Fees: $7,716 (approximately)



  • Year One

    TAT401 Te Orokohanga O Te Ao: Māori Theories of Existence
    TAT402 He Mātāpono: Foundational Principles
    TAT403 Te Ahunga Tikanga: The Creation Of Law
    TAT404 Te Whakaparori I Ngā Tikanga: The Distortion Of Māori Law


    TIH401 Ko Ngā Kaumātua: He Puna Kōrero
    TIH402 Ko Te Marae Me Ōna Āhuatanga: Ko Tōna Tōnuitanga
    TIH403 Ko Ngā Kōrero O Mua O Te Iwi: He Tātaritanga
    TIH404 Ko Te Hapū: Ko Wai Ahau, Nā Wai Ahau, Nō Whea Ahau?


    PTREO401 Te Whakatupu I Te Reo I: Advanced Reo I
    TREO404 Te Reo Ōpaki: Everyday Situational Language

  • Year Two

    TAT501 Ka Whawhai Tonu Mātou: A History Of Resistance
    TAT502 Te Mana Motuhake: Māori Control Over Māori Matters
    TAT503 Kotahitanga: Strength In Solidarity
    Choose one of the following papers
    TAT504 Te Tino Rangatiratanga Me Te Kāwanantanga: A Constitution For Aotearoa
    TAT505 Ahunga Tikanga Thesis


    TIH501 Ko Ngā Mōteatea O Te Iwi: He Taonga Whiwhia, He Toanga Rawea
    TIH502 Ko Te Reo O Te Hapū: He Arotake
    TIH503 Ko Ngā Oranga O Te Whānau/Hapū/Iwi: Whakapakarihia, Whakatupuria
    Choose one of the following Iwi & Hapū papers
    TIH504 Ko Ngā Taonga: Hei Hoa Mō Te Kōrero
    TIH505 Ko Te Kaimahi Toi O Te Hapū, O Te Iwi: Ko Mataora
    TIH506 Ko Ngā Hui Ki Runga Marae: He Tātaritanga


    TREO405 Kura Wānanga Reo I & II



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As part of our Covid-19 stance to protect the health and wellbeing of our people, all noho in huringa 1 (semester 1) will be replaced by online deliveries. Learn more.


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After Graduation

Ka puta te ihu

  • Senior Advisor / Advocate for Indigenous Rights Issues
  • Researcher and Presenter of Waitangi Tribunal Claims
  • Senior Policy Advisor / Analyst
  • Senior Tikanga / Cultural Advisor