Poutāhū Whakahaere

Postgraduate Diploma in Māori and Management

For anyone already holding a degree qualification with a sound level of te reo Maōri, this qualification will assist you in progressing your career and prepare you for management roles within your field of interest.

Whakahaere will prepare you for senior and executive management roles within any organisation. Take a step up on the corporate ladder as you integrate tikanga Māori, reo, iwi and hapū studies into your knowledge of management as you plan, lead, organise and control business affairs through a Māori world view.

This tohu is ideal if you are seeking to advance your corporate career or give your organisation the edge by integrating kaupapa and tikanga Māori inside your business processes. You’ll learn the importance of a value-based approach to running a business or organisation including the influence of kaupapa Māori on organisational culture, the legal environment and human resources.

This is the first year to the Tāhuhu Whakahaere, Master’s qualification; completion of this tohu will prepare you for the second and final year.

Download the digital flyer pdf Poutāhū Whakahaere.

Poutāhū Whakahaere

Postgraduate Diploma in Māori and Management

Code: PtWh
Credits: 120
1 year
Level: NZQA Level 8
Delivery: Residential seminars and self directed learning
Location: Ōtaki
Mode: Bilingual (Māori/English)
Next Intake: Huringa 1 (14 March 2022)
Entry Requirements: Minimum age of 17 years. A level of proficiency in te reo Māori required. Support from a hapū/iwi to conduct research. Must hold an undergraduate degree or have appropriate knowledge and experience to study at postgraduate level. Regular internet access, email address and computer or laptop with a working mic and camera are required.
Tuition Fees: $3,979 (approximately)



  • Year One

    TWh401 The Integration of Learning
    TWh402 Strategic Analysis, Operations and Project Management
    TWh403 Economic Performance and Decision Analysis
    TWh404 The Legal Environment and Paihere Tangata
    TWh405 Marketing Management and Strategic Communication


    TIH401 Ko Ngā Kaumātua: He Puna Kōrero
    TIH402 Ko Te Marae Me Ōna Āhuatanga: Ko Tōna Tōnuitanga
    TIH403 Ko Ngā Kōrero O Mua O Te Iwi: He Tātaritanga
    TIH404 Ko Te Hapū: Ko Wai Ahau, Nā Wai Ahau, Nō Whea Ahau


    TREO401 Te Whakatupu I Te Reo I: Advanced Reo I



Please contact the academic area for more information.

After Graduation

Ka puta te ihu

  • Middle or senior management roles
  • Business owner/operator
  • Marketing or communications advisor
  • Chief executive officer
  • Human resource manager
  • Business advisor
  • Policy analyst