Heke Kaitiakitanga Pūtaiao

Diploma in Environmental Management

Kaitiakitanga Pūtaiao studies explore the roles and responsibilities of tangata whenua to ngā taonga tuku iho (our inherited treasures) and how to uplift and maintain the wellbeing of the environment from a kaupapa Māori perspective.

Engage with like-minded environmentalists and gain an understanding of a kaupapa Māori approach to horticulture and agriculture. Examine biodiversity on Kāpiti Island and monitor a freshwater body for your hapū.  Learn to identify native birds and their calls, indigenous plants and their traditional uses.  Sustainable management planning for farms, eel fisheries, wetlands and other natural habitats feature strongly.  Build an awareness of alternative methods for sustainable and eco-efficient building construction.

At diploma level you are introduced to the foundations of environmental management, iwi and hapū studies and te reo Māori.  The diploma is also the first year of the three year Poutuarongo Kaitiakitanga Pūtaiao programme.

Heke Kaitiakitanga Pūtaiao

Diploma in Environmental Management

Code: HKP
Credits: 120
1 year
Level: NZQA Level 5
Delivery: Residential seminars, self directed learning and online delivery
Mode: Bilingual (Māori/English)
Next Intake: Huringa 1 (March)
Entry Requirements: Minimum age of 17 years. Regular internet access, email address and computer, laptop, tablet or other suitable mobile device is required.
Tuition Fees: $4,167 (approximately)



  • Year One

    PKPA101 Te Oranga ā Tāne
    PKPA102 Kohinga Mahara
    PKPA103 Ngā Take Taiao
    PKPA104 Wai Māori ā Rōpū Tukuiho


    IWI101 Private Study of One Marae
    IWI102 Private Study of Iwi History


    REO101 Hui Rumaki Reo 1
    REO102 Hui Rumaki Reo 2

After Graduation

Ka puta te ihu

  • Support iwi authority and indigenous environmental initiatives
  • Advise on environmental management projects
  • Rūnanga, iwi and hāpū representative
  • Particpate in environmental impact assessments for local authorities