Mūrau (Moodle)

Mūrau (moodle) is the learning management system where online courses occur. All undergraduate Iwi and Hapū Studies and Te Ako Mai i Tawhiti (MAIT) reo programmes are fully online, and most specialisation courses have online content. Your pūkenga will let you know if they have content online. If your course is on mūrau your log on details will be emailed to you.

Go to www.wananga.com and select ‘Mūrau’ in the top right menu or go to https://murau.wananga.com/login/index.php

Contact your pūkenga for assistance with your course content and activities. 

For technical help logging on or accessing the Mūrau site contact the Mūrau support team at murausupport@twor-otaki.ac.nz

  http://www.wananga.com | 0800 WANANGA