The Academic Year

8.0 The duration of the Academic Year for undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes of study is 36 weeks and consists of two 17 week huringa (semesters) with a two-week break between each. 

8.1 The duration of the Poutāhū Whakaakoranga Akorau Academic Year is 43 weeks and consists of two 20 week huringa with a twor-week break between each.  

8.2 The Academic Model of the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, with very few exceptions, have a credit value of 120-credits in any one year of study. This translates to 1200-hours teaching, investigatory activity and writing or equivalent assessment requirements.   Fifty percent (600 credits) are attributed to the specialist subject and the remaining 600 credits are attributed to te reo Māori and Iwi and Hapū studies.    

With very few exceptions undergraduate programmes of study delivered in any one year are as follows: 

  1. Two 6 week blended learning modules per semester;
  2. 1 Noho of 3 days during each six week module;
  3. One Hui Rūmaki Reo of 6 days duration per semester;
  4. One kura tautoko (completions period) per semester.

8.3 Te Maramataka (Schedule of academic events for every tohu) contains the schedule of noho for all academic whare and their programmes.  This publication will also include all non-academic activity that will occur during the year 

8.4 Ngā Akoranga (Programme prospectus) contain programme information on the delivery of the programme, programme content and assessment requirements. 

8.5 The length of an academic programme of study has been approved by NZQA (the New Zealand Qualifications Authority) in the programme approvals process to be delivered over a set length. Programmes also receive funding from the Tertiary Education Commission for that period.   

8.6 Changes to the length of an academic programme of study require internal and external approval. 

  1. Academic areas that wish to vary the length of a programme of study must submit a proposal to the Academic Board.  
  2. An application must be made to NZQA to change the length of the programme of study. No changes are to be made until approval has been received from NZQA.

8.7 Programme of study Start and End Dates are set by academic area, submitted to and approved by the Academic Board. Activity must have occurred and be recorded as having occurred at the programme of study start date.   When setting programme of study end dates academic areas must set this date to allow for all administrative action to be taken before graduation. 

8.8 Kura Tautoko will be scheduled at delivery sites, in addition to the scheduled noho, to allow students to complete unfinished or overdue work under supervision.   The length of kura tautoko may vary. 

8.9 Kura Raumati is an opportunity for staff (and invited others) enrolled for study to attend courses for which they have enrolled, before the academic year starts.   Provision is made in Te Maramataka for Kura Raumati (Summer School) which may be scheduled before Huringa One.