Attendance Regulations  

5.0 Course attendance includes participating in a noho (residential seminar) and/or an online course. Participating requires actively engaging in all course requirements. The study contract states the courses that students are enrolled in and required to attend. 

Noho is a culturally rich face to face delivery method which can be between 2 to 7 days. 

5.1 Evidence of attendance is required at noho and online. 

At noho the student must sign the attendance sheet against their name morning and afternoon for each day of the noho. 

Online attendance is electronically generated at login and at various stages in the course. It is monitored by the pūkenga. 

5.2 Reporting timeframes for attendance sheets must be adhered to. The completed attendance sheet, signed by the tutor is to be lodged with Ratonga Ākonga within 48-hours of the end of the noho. There are no exceptions.