Progression and Completion of Qualifications

9.0 Conferral of a qualification is made when all of the requirements are met, all completed assessments have been given a grade of ‘Kua Tutuki’, all fees have been paid and all library resources returned. 

9.1 Academic Awards at Te Wānanga o Raukawa do not follow classes of honours, merit or distinction with respect to the award of poupou (certificates), heke (diplomas), poutuarongo (undergraduate degrees), poutāhū (postgraduate diplomas), and tāhuhu (postgraduate degrees). 

9.2 Further Study Options for students who have completed a programme of study at Te Wānanga o Raukawa include: 

  1. On completion of a poupou tohu, application may be made to pursue a one-year heke tohu.   
  2. On completion of the heke, students may apply to engage in a further two-years of study (three years for Poutuarongo Toiora Whānau) to complete an undergraduate degree.
  3. Alternatively, a student having completed a heke may seek direct entry or be recommended by a kaihautū to be admitted into one of the tāhuhu programmes of study.   This recommendation is to be considered by the Pou Akoranga who will make a further recommendation to be approved by the Tumuaki.
  4. Direct entry into a tāhuhu programme of study is only approved in exceptional circumstances. Such approval will normally be made where the applicant has a history of research output that indicates an ability to realistically achieve the Iwi and Hapū studies, and the applicant must have an advanced level of te reo Māori, both oral and written.    
  5. Respective kaihautū of Iwi and Hapū Studies, Reo Studies and the specialisation components must collaborate to ensure that that neither the applicant nor the programme or elements of the programme are compromised.   It may be decided that further evidence of te reo Māori capacity and research capability is required before entry is granted. 

9.3 He Whiwhinga Aroha (Compassionate Passes) may be allowed in the following cases: 

  1. Compassionate Consideration leading to Course Completion

i. Applications for compassionate consideration may be made where students have been prevented from completing an assessment or requirement of their programme of study due to illness, injury or other exceptional circumstance beyond their control.  
ii. On the recommendation of the Pou Akoranga and approval by Te Mana Whakahaere, the Tumuaki will confirm the compassionate pass.

    b.  Compassionate Award leading to graduation

i. Where the application for a compassionate pass is made in order to complete work that will allow the applicant to graduate, at least 80% of the total credits allocated in the last year of study for each programme must have been attended and completed.

9.4 He Whiwhinga ā-Murimate (Posthumous Award) applications can be made by a family member of a deceased student. In order to be eligible, at least 80% of the total credits allocated in the last year of study for each programme must have been attended and completed.