17 March 2020

He karere nā te Tumuaki: Update for students attending classes and noho

Te Wānanga o Raukawa has a responsibility (rangatiratanga) to consider the health and safety of all who enter our campus and where possible adopt measures within its control to respond to that (manaakitanga). The latest information from the Ministry of Health in regards to coronavirus (COVID-19) states:  

COVID-19 No new cases - 16 March, Ministry of Health  
New Zealand has no new cases of COVID-19. We remain with 11 confirmed cases.”   

At Te Wānanga o Raukawa, we asked ourselves what our response to this situation should be and have decided that:   

  1. Tainui  kawa  be upheld 
  2. The kaupapa of Te Wānanga o Raukawa, as always, guides our practice (tikanga).   

This has also given us cause to look at our tikanga related to pōwhiri.   We have sought advice from our pakeke (elders), discussed this ourselves and decided to modify our practice.  From today and until otherwise advised the tikanga relating to pōwhiriat Te Wānanga o Raukawa will be adjusted such that the usual hohouiterongo / hariru will not occur.  Instead, following the last speaker and waiata there will be a karakia (waerea).  That will be followed by a pao to call everyone to the wharekai.    

It is important to note, that this change applies to all engagement and although previously we had not banned touching at Te Wānanga o Raukawa, Level 1 requires us to apply that as a tikanga for the duration of your time at noho. In order to protect our most vulnerable we have made a decision that NO children are to attend classes or noho until further notice. 

We have a special team convened to keep us abreast of the coronavirus situation, a central point of authority, with one comprehensive plan.  While on campus, or at your course site, we encourage everyone to be vigilant about hygiene and make use of the resources in place to minimise illness. These have been increased significantly to ensure we act appropriately in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines.  

 We ask our students to exercise good judgement in deciding to attend your classes or noho if you have any symptoms of illness that could potentially put others at risk.  

If you are unwell, please seek medical advice and stay home. Keep close contact with your course tutors and administrators about your study commitments.  Please consider the following for further advice or information.  

  • HEALTH LINE 0800 358 5453 (Flu like) – Personal health concerns and support with decision making.  
  • THE WEBSITE (www.wananga.com) – information or advice related to our service provision, in particular, guidelines for attendance at noho.    
  • 0800 WANANGA (0800 926 2642) – to advise us whether you will or will not be in attendance or for enquiries particular to your circumstances.