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March 28, 2018

Begin your degree with a one year Heke (Diploma) and start your learning journey under kaupapa tuku iho today. 

Key Information

  • All approved at NZQA Level 5
  • The first year to a degree qualification
  • Choose from a range of options whether you love the outdoors, being creative, organising, working with whānau or children - we have options to suit your career or personal development needs
  • Blended learning through residential noho (seminars) 3 - 6 days* in length, online and self-directed learning giving you transferable skills for the workplace, marae, your business or at home.
  • All noho include accommodation and meals
  • Personal growth through iwi, hapū and reo studies
  • Our main campus is located in Ōtaki on the beautiful Kāpiti Coast (an hour north of Wellington). We also have sites in Gisborne, Manukau and through Ngai Tawake - talk to us about courses offered at each location

*Duration varies per Heke chosen, most are held three days on weekends

One year Heke (Diploma)

Ō = Ōtaki    M = Manukau   G = Gisborne   NT = Ngai Tawake

Heke Puna Maumahara – Diploma in Information Management Ō

Develop the necessary skills to become a repository of knowledge for taonga tuku iho (inherited treasures) for your iwi, marae or workplace.  This tohu is perfect for anyone who aspires to look after taonga, the recording and preservation; or aspiring or already working in a library, cataloguing, museum, or records management role.

Heke Mātauranga Māori – Diploma in Mātauranga Māori Ō, NT

Learn about kaupapa and tikanga Māori that define the way we view the world as Māori. Explore Māori knowledge as our tūpuna understood it, as we understand it today and as it will be applied tomorrow.  This study will enhance your opportunity for career advancement; valuable to anyone working with or for māori organisations.

Heke Toko Mana – Diploma in Administration Ō

Move beyond administration as you draw on tikanga Māori to add value to administrative leadership and planning roles within an organisational context.  For anyone wanting to advance in the corporate sector or add to an existing administration role then this tohu will start you on that journey.

Heke Kawa Oranga – Diploma in Health Promotion, Sport and Exercise Sciences Ō

Combine your love of physical activity (sports, fitness, outdoor pursuits) with the theory of healthy lifestyle choices grounded in a tikanga Māori health and wellness framework.  Heke Kawa Oranga is also a practical programme perfect for anyone looking to start a career in sports and health promotion or exercise instruction.

Heke Kaitiakitanga Pūtaiao – Diploma in Environmental Management Ō, M

Explore the roles and responsibilities of tangata whenua to ngā taonga tuku iho (our inherited treasures) and how to uplift and maintain the wellbeing of the environment from a kaupapa Māori perspective.  If you love the outdoors and are an environmentalist at heart, this very practical tohu will set you on the right path to a career looking after our great outdoors.

Heke Rongoā – Diploma in Māori Holistic Wellbeing Ō, M

Awaken your spirit to the world of rongoā as you bring together dimensions of wairua (spirit), rongoā rakau (native herbal preparations) and the art of mirimiri (massage).  If you are seeking to become a practitioner of traditional and contemporary Māori holistic wellbeing for whānau, hapū and iwi, then this tohu will set you on the pathway to get there.

Heke Toiora Whānau – Diploma in Social Work Ō, NT, M

Toiora Whānau provides a uniquely Māori perspective on whānau wellness. Gain the skills and knowledge required to work effectively with Māori to improve the social wellbeing of whānau, hapū and iwi.  If you love working with people and want to make a difference to the lives of others, this tohu is well suited for you.

Heke Ahunga Tikanga – Diploma in Māori Laws and Philosophies Ō

Learn about the concept of whakapapa regarded as the foundation of Māori law, and which leads to a consideration of the fundamental principles of tikanga Māori such as whanaungatanga, utu, tapu and noa.  This tohu is perfect for anyone working in a Māori organisation, or aspiring to enter the services industry particularly law.

Heke Whakaakoranga Kōhungahunga – Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood) Ō

Gain the foundations of the philosophies of early childhood teaching from a mātauranga Māori perspective. The diploma is suited to those who are already working in Kōhanga Reo, Puna Reo or early childhood, and those who want to enter this field of teaching.

Heke Whare Tapere – Diploma in Literary Performing Arts Ō

Be introduced to the expression of Māori concepts, behaviour and values through song and dance. Learn the history of whare tapere and develop key performance skills, including haka and waiata.  Perfect for those interested in taking drama or stage performance to a whole new level.

Heke Whare Toi – Diploma in Design and Art Ō

If you have a creative flair and love working with your hands then this very hands-on practical tohu will get your creative juices flowing.  Learn the methods used in traditional Māori art forms. Choose between a weaving or carving pathway and start developing taonga for your whānau, hapū or iwi.  


There are a range of scholarships available to help support your studies, click here to find out more.


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