Fitness and healthy lifestyles from a Māori worldview

September 30, 2019

For anyone passionate about fitness and healthy lifestyles, Te Wānanga o Raukawa offer two introductory courses:

Kawa Oranga | Health Promotion, Sport and Exercise Sciences

Combine your love of physical activity (sports, fitness, outdoor pursuits) with the theory of healthy lifestyle choices grounded in a tikanga Māori health and wellness framework. Heke Kawa Oranga will introduce you to the fundamentals of exercise, nutrition, sports, fitness and health promotion. Physical activities and a real 'hands on' approach combine with theory to ensure a well-rounded knowledge base. Mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, gym instruction, sports and fitness are some examples of the activities you may engage in along with nutrition, health promotion, outdoor safety and event planning and management.

  • Residential seminars, self-directed and online learning
  • Diploma and Degree options
  • March start date


Pakari Tinana | Physical Wellbeing

If you are interested in enhancing your mauri ora (vitality) and want to take a holistic approach to nutrition and wellbeing then this tohu will introduce you to strategies, principles and philosophies from a Māori world view, relevant to both your individual and whānau wellness journey. Reinforcing the value of whakawhanaungatanga (positive relationships) this tohu is ideal for groups as it engages participants in successful and purposeful mauri-enhancing activities that promote daily movement and optimal nutrition.

  • NZQA level 4 Certificate
  • 16 weeks
  • Residential seminars, self-directed and online learning
  • March start date
  • Offered as a course for groups in kaupapa Māori based environments*

*Poupou Pakari Tinana is offered as a course for groups at marae and those in kaupapa Māori based environments, this is an excellent introduction to further studies on the Heke Kawa Oranga. Enquire about Marae Based Study options for groups of 30 or more participants. Call 0800 WANANGA (0800 926 2642) today.


Career Pathways

Māori health and wellbeing promotion, whānau ora navigator, iwi/hapū or Māori organisational sports, exercise or nutrition consultant, kōhanga, kura or wharekura hauora and pakari tinana roles, rangatahi health and education specialist, kōhanga, kura, wharekura teacher training, teacher trainer Māori wellbeing, sports and exercise consultancy, whānau wellbeing advisor, kaupapa-based physical activity and nutrition consultant.




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