Latest updates from Te Wānanga o Raukawa

30 July 2020

An update on our Pēpi/Tamariki Whānau Whānui policy during Level 1

During Covid-19 Te Wānanga o Raukawa has had to implement new tikanga much of which has taken us outside our usual customs including not allowing pēpi/tamariki in class or on site.  Whilst hard, these decisions were put in place to not only protect our most vulnerable but protect others from having to be put in situations where they themselves feel vulnerable.

Over the last few weeks we have had a chance to review the situation.  The following tikanga has been updated and will apply from Monday 3rd August 2020 to support students attending daily classes on campus. 

  1. In line with Kaitiakitanga and in response to the Covid-19 Alert Level 1 for Te Wānanga o Raukawa, we will not be able to provide accommodation support for babies, children or family members at residential noho or any other time.
  2. From Monday 3rd of August, students who attend daily classes with Heke/Poutuarongo Reo will be able to have their babies with them at class. Children who can be at kohanga should be.  It is the expectation of Te Wānanga o Raukawa that students will manage all interaction and engagement in line with the Covid-19 response i.e. Haumaru, Hauora me te Ako.
  3. We continue to encourage vigilance in this regard
  4. Those who are sick should remain at home, and
  5. If problems arise where we are advised that this tikanga becomes unmanageable and impacts negatively on the teaching and learning of others we will revert to “no babies/children in class and on campus”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While under Level 1 Te Wānanga o Raukawa maintains a ‘no tamariki on campus’ stance for staff, visitors and students except where mentioned above.

18 June 2020

Message from the Tumuaki to Students - Update on Level 1

Great news, the maramataka for Huringa 2 has been confirmed! Your academic Whare will have already sent your noho schedule to you, along with the finer details of noho preparing you for a great semester two experience, whether that be online or on campus. We look forward to welcoming some of you back on to site in Huringa 2, including our Heke and Poutuarongo Reo students, and our Kaumātua rōpū. Nau mai, hoki mai koutou katoa.

In saying that, while we are at Alert Level 1 and whilst we look forward to seeing the return of some normality, we cannot afford to become complacent with our practices. At any stage we need to be able to revert back to online teaching, and quickly. We also understand that some of our students may not feel comfortable and confident returning to onsite noho, or that changes as a result of Covid-19 may have impacted on your households.  Therefore, our pūkenga are busy preparing online alternatives for students who are unable to return to campus.

We are working to provide assurance that when our students do return, you can be confident when staying on campus that you are safe.

The kitchen, ablutions and all classrooms are being prepared and thoroughly cleaned ready for Huringa 2 starting Monday 20 July. Additionally, we are working out spacing and classroom set ups.

We need to be able to give everyone who attends campus an assurance that their personal space is safe from intrusion. Students, who do not want to upset a child or a parent, should be assured that they will not be placed in that difficult situation.  This is contrary in many ways to our normal tikanga, but whilst we are in Alert Level 1, and not in normal times, we need to support that.  Although there is no requirement to distance ourselves from each other, each person should have that choice.  Therefore, as part of our (abnormal) tikanga we are asking that students and staff do not bring their children on to campus.  Rangatiratanga is the Kaupapa that has informed this decision. 

In order to best support you, we are currently developing a process around registering to attend noho. This information will help guide us as we endeavour to provide a safe environment whilst on campus/site. 

We have adapted our tikanga for pōwhiri to reduce contact in a way that preserves the rangatiratanga of each individual, this is available on our covid-19 information pages.

Our new tikanga – we keep hearing about it but what is it?  At Alert Level 1 we are asking our staff and students to:

  1. Stay home if you are unwell, if you have cold-like symptoms – a runny nose, sore throat etc. Call the 0800Healthline if you have concerns and get tested.  Let your pūkenga know.
  2. Continue to wash your hands regularly, sneeze into your elbow, clean high-touch surfaces (surfaces you touch often) etc.
  3. Social distancing is still encouraged.
  4. We ask that you do not bring children on to campus, for the same reasons mentioned above.
  5. And now more than ever contact tracing has become important for the health and safety of yourself and your whānau.
  6. Download the government’s Covid-19 Contact Tracer app, or ensure you are keeping track of every place you visit. Use the app to scan the tracer QR code, which is displayed in many buildings on campus, to support your personal diary.
  7. All movement on to campus or any one of our sites is being recorded, therefore you must sign in and out with Kaitiaki or reception and display a white visitor card issued while there.

Finally, our first ever online Hui Rumaki Reo is underway for students of Te Whare Oranga and Te Whare Kōkiri. This is ground breaking.

We thank all our students who continue to take this journey with us and while there have been a few hiccoughs as we have navigated this new territory, we are all part of a new advancement in developing and evolving the mātauranga continuum, and that’s exciting.

Kia kaha, kia mataara - mō tātou, ā, mō ngā uri ā muri ake nei.

 Mereana Selby 

15 June 2020

Message from the Ministry of Education

An update for students from the Ministry of Education pdf 12 June Tertiary student bulletin (0.57MB)

9 June 2020

Preparing for Level One

From Monday 15 June, all sites will reopen and services will resume as usual, under our new tikanga.  Staff are preparing now to return to campus/site.  Wā Tautoko for students is no longer necessary as students are now able to meet with their pūkenga.  

All noho including hui rumaki reo in huringa 1 (semester 1) will remain online.

Continued support is available for students requiring assistance financially, academically or with technology and connectivity.

All visitors to campus/site are still required to sign in and out with Kaitiaki or reception.

3 June 2020

New Learner Support Call Centre Up and Running

A Learner Support Call Centre has been set up to support students during this time.  Their purpose is to provide support for any covid-19 related issues that are impacting on students being engaged in their studies.    

This may include issues around: 

  • Technology and Connectivity 
  • Financial Hardship or 
  • General Wellbeing 

Our Call Centre kaimahi will be able to offer advice and direct students on to the right assistance. 

They are available at any time by calling 0800 wananga (0800 9262 642) and following the prompts for the Learner Support Call Centre or emailing  

27 May 2020

Wā Tautoko

Wā Tautoko is an opportunity for students to touch base one on one with their pūkenga for additional academic support with their study.

Online - Students can book a time with their pūkenga, where possible online, and have as many whānau or support people present as they need.

Face to Face for Ōtaki Students - If however the student feels they would prefer to meet face to face then a meeting can be facilitated in person under restrictions.   

Contact your pūkenga, if they haven't already been in touch to book in up to two hours of one on one time.

25 May 2020

Message from the Ministry of Education

An important update for students from the Ministry of Education pdf 25 May Tertiary Student bulletin (0.58MB)

25 May 2020

An update on Services

From Monday 25 May the following services have been updated:

Ngā Purapura Gym - Opening earlier from 6am to 5.30pm Monday – Friday and 8am to 1pm Saturday & Sunday.  Bookings are essential.  Stay up-to-date on the Ngā Purapura facebook page.

Cafe Ngā Purapura - Now open for seated patrons 7.30am to 3pm Monday – Friday and yes we’re still offering a ‘Call & Collect’ service.  Visit the Cafe Ngā Purapura website page for details and to view the menu options.

22 May 2020

What does Level 2 mean for Te Wānanga o Raukawa? 

  • Ōtaki Campus has reopened under restrictions 
  • Staff are either working from campus or continue to work from home 
  • Huringa One remains online 
  • Hui Rumaki Reo remains online for Huringa One 
  • New tikanga while on campus to tautoko the efforts of our nation 
  • Our Ohu Haumaru (Emergency Response Team) continue to make decisions as we prepare to return to Business as Usual 

 A decision is still pending for Huringa Two as we seek to find ways to ensure the safety of our people is paramount while on campus and provide options for our most vulnerable.  

Kia tau ngā manaakitanga o te wāhi ngaro ki runga ki a tātou katoa. 

21 May 2020

New check-in option for visitors at Te Wānanga o Raukawa 

Having moved into Level 2 as a nation, Te Wānanga o Raukawa (TWoR) has once again reopened its services albeit under restrictions.  Anyone coming on to the Ōtaki Campus including staff, students and suppliers now have the option to check-in via the TWoR App Covid-19 Check-in module developed by School Apps NZ.  Read more here >> 

17 May 2020

Message from the Tumuaki to students: Update notice on Level 2 

Firstlywe acknowledge our students and their whānau who have been directly affected by Covid-19 in terms of health, employment and mental wellbeing.  We understand that for many this may have been a difficult time, and still is. We thank you for your support and trust as we continue to navigate this new environment.  

Covid-19 has impacted far beyond our borders and, as we can see from the alert levels, will do so for some time as we wait for the situation to improve overseas.  

Te Wānanga o Raukawa continues to review, assess and make decisions that are in the best interests of our people with guidance from our kaupapa.  We want to be able to assure each and every student that you are safe when you are on our campus for residential and non-residential services, classes and events.  This is before we even consider Crown compliance requirements, which are significant. 

Our Emergency Response Team, now known as Te Ohu Haumaru, convened on 12 March 2020.  The ohu continues to remain the central point for communications and decision making.   

As our nation entered Level 2 restrictions, we continued to ponder what that  might look like for our Wānanga and our people.  The decisions were carefully considered and have not yet changedtherefore, all noho will continue to be fully online for Huringa Tahi.  A decison for Huringa Tuarua is still pending.  Any changes to delivery for specific programmes will be communicated from your academic area and be updated on our website. 

Please be assured that we are looking for every opportunity to return to teaching ā-tinana as soon as we possibly can, while also providing options for those whom have been severly impacted by this new environment.   

From Monday 18 May 2020, the following services reopen under restrictions: 

  • Ōtaki Campus from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday 
  • Whare Pukapuka will offer a call and collect or courier service for library books and resources 
  • Students can call and book to spend time in Te Ara a Tāwhaki and the library 
  • Ngā Purapura Cafe will offer a call and collect service 
  • Ngā Purapura gym re-opens to members with a pre-booking service 
  • Kura Tiaki re-opens with a pre-booking service 

Anyone visiting our sites, including staff and students, are required to sign in and out with Kaitiaki or reception. Use the ‘check-in and check-out’ option in Te Wānanga o Raukawa app (SchoolAppsNZ)especially if you come to campus regularly as it will remember your details. 

We urge you to keep communicating with your pūkenga, kaikōkiri and your fellow students.  Stay up to date with Te Wānanga o Raukawa developments with Covid-19 through our website and by downloading the Te Wānanga o Raukawa app. 

 We are all in this together, he waka eke noa.   Kia tau ngā manaakitanga o te wāhi ngaro ki runga ki a tātou katoa.  Kia whakaaiohia te tangata, te whānau, te iwi.  Mauri tū, mauri ora. 

 Mereana Selby 

14 May 2020

Message from the Ministry of Education

An important update for students from the Ministry of Education pdf 14 May Tertiary student bulletin (0.67MB)

7 May 2020

Message from the Ministry of Education

An important update for students from the Ministry of Education pdf 7 May Tertiary Student bulletin (0.70MB)