Online Tools and Resources

When you enrol here at Te Wānanga o Raukawa you will have access to all our tools and resources to enhance your blended learning experience.

What are they?

Te Ara (Enrolment Portal)

Te Ara is the student enrolment portal. You will be able to enrol online when and where you want using nearly any device, save as you go and complete your application at a pace that suits. It also lets you view the status and progress of your enrolment application online at anytime.

Mūrau (Moodle)

Mūrau (moodle) is the learning management system where online courses and learning occur. All undergraduate Iwi and Hapū Studies and the Te Reo component are delivered on this fully online platform.  Most specialisation courses have online content in this space as well.

Your pūkenga will let you know if they have content online. If your course is on mūrau your log on details will be emailed to you.

Microsoft Student Office 365

As a student of Te Wānanga o Raukawa you will access the online version of Microsoft Office, including online storage (Onedrive). This resource is free and available for the duration of your study. You will receive your Microsoft Office 365 details when you enrol.

Microsoft Teams

The Teams platform offers an online collaboration space in which you and the pūkenga can share notes, chats, meetings and collaborate with  your peers in the one environment from anywhere. 

Microsoft Teams is the platform used for online noho (and online Hui Rumaki Reo should Covid-19 Levels escalate).  This resource can be downloaded at any time free to your computer.  Pūkenga will invite you to attend online classes or noho should you require access.  For any issues with accessing classrooms in this space, please make contact with your academic area or pūkenga.

What Resources will you  need?

Minimum Specification for a device

Its a requirement that you have access to a device and wifi during your studies here at Te Wānanga o Raukawa. Here are the recommended minimum specifications to carry out your studies:

  • CU Processor - 2.3GHz
  • Screen Size 13.3" screen for video
  • 250GB Hard Drive
  • 8GB RAM
  • Webcam (either included or external)
  • Speakers (either included or external)
  • Windows 10 Home
  • Microsoft Office 365 - you will have access to this when you enrol
  • Integrated a/b/b/n wireless
  • Wireless capability
  • Internet Connectivity

Mobile Broadband Via:

  • T-stick - either prepaid or plan
  • SIM - either prepaid or plam
  • Home connection
  • A DSL broadband connection over phone line
  • The internet connection should be able to sustain video delivery


  • A small desktop printer
  • Online storage, for example, One Drive in Office 365
  • An external storage device for backup of assignments etc