Gain a unique qualification that allows you to stand out in the competitive job seeker market while contributing to the advancement of Māori knowledge.

  • NZQA approved qualifications.
  • Begin a degree with a one year Heke (Diploma).
  • Our Poutāhū are the first year to your master’s qualification.
  • Blended learning through residential noho (seminars) 3 - 6 days* in length, online and self-directed learning giving you transferable skills for the workplace, marae, your business or at home.
  • All noho include accommodation and meals and for the majority are held over weekends allowing you to continue working while studying.
  • Personal growth through iwi, hapū and reo studies - you will learn te reo Māori while gaining a qualification! 
    • 25% iwi and hapū studies + 25% reo studies + 50% chosen specialisation = Qualification
  • Our qualifications will be offered both as face to face residential seminars with contingencies in place to deliver online so you can be assured of being able to continue your mātauranga journey with us.
*Duration varies per qualification chosen, most are held three days over weekends with the exception of our teaching programmes.

Courses offered in 2021

Education and Teaching

Health & Community Wellbeing

Fitness & Wellbeing


Arts | Performing & Creative

Language | Te Reo

Industry, Culture & Heritage

Mātauranga Māori

Business & Management


CAMPUS/SITE KEY: Ō = Ōtaki | M = Manukau | G = Gisborne | O = Other

Education & Teaching

The following teaching programmes are approved by the NZ Teaching Council and are eligible for TeachNZ study awards.
Find out more about thepdf 2021 Teach NZ Programme (0.16MB) here. 

Heke (Diploma) are the first year to the degree programme.

Heke Whakaakoranga Kōhungahunga | Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood) Ō 

Gain the foundations of the philosophies of early childhood teaching from a mātauranga Māori perspective. This diploma is suited to those who are already working in a Kōhanga Reo, Puna Reo or early childhood setting, and those who want to enter this unique field of teaching.   This is the first year to the degree qualification.

Heke Te Rangakura Kaiwhakaako | Diploma in Teaching (Bilingual) Ō, G, M, O 

Enter a rewarding, dynamic career that offers flexibility, job security and opportunities to travel as you turn your passion for making a difference in the lives of our tamariki into a career.  Learn to be confident when you stand in the classroom and implement the tools to transfer knowledge to our next generations.  This is the first year of the degree qualification.

Heke Whakaakoranga Kaiwhakaako | Diploma in Teaching (Māori Medium) Ō

Delivered in te reo Māori, this diploma will lay the foundations for you to be well-equipped to teach others to see the world through Māori eyes. Begin your journey to becoming competent to teach a range of subjects using the language of our ancestors.   Skilled, qualified Māori teachers are in demand and so is this qualification which is the first year to the degree qualification.  Enquire now for entry in 2021.

Poutāhu Whakaakoranga Akorau - Postgraduate Diploma in Blended Teaching and Learning (Pre-service, Māori Medium, Primary) Ō 

The Poutāhū Akorau is a one-year Postgraduate Diploma offered to anyone currently holding an existing degree in any field and with confidence in te reo Māori.  This qualification is an excellent choice if you want to begin a career in teaching. Enhance your skills by implementing kaupapa Māori based blending learning options through technology (ICT) in the classroom.  Spaces are limited and early application is essential.

 Poutāhū Whakaakoranga - Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Māori Medium) Ō 

The Poutāhū Whakaakoranga one year programme will provide you with the competencies and confidence to take a strong leadership role in both managerial and delivery aspects of kaupapa Māori learning environments. This is the first year to a Master of Teaching and TeachNZ scholarships and study awards are available.  Apply early to secure your place.


Health & Community Wellbeing

Heke Rongoā – Diploma in Māori Holistic Wellbeing  Ō, M 

Awaken your inner spirit to the world of rongoā as you bring together dimensions of wairua (spirit), rongoā rākau (native herbal preparations) and many other healing modalities. If you are seeking to become a practitioner of traditional and contemporary Māori holistic wellbeing for whānau, hapū and iwi, then this programme will set you on the pathway to get there.

Heke Toiora Whānau – Diploma in Social Work  Ō, M 

Toiora Whānau provides a uniquely Māori perspective on whānau wellness. Gain the skills and knowledge required to work effectively with Māori to improve the social wellbeing of whānau, hapū and iwi.  If you love working with people and want to make a difference to the lives of others, this programme is well suited for your career pathway whether in social work or counselling.  This Heke is the first year to a four year degree programme.

Fitness & Wellbeing

Poupou Pakari Tinana – Certificate in Physical Wellbeing Ō, O

If you are interested in enhancing your mauri ora (vitality) and wanting to take a holistic approach to nutrition and wellbeing, this certificate will introduce you to strategies, principles and philosophies from a Māori world view, relevant to both your individual and whānau wellness journey.  This programme is delivered to cohorts of 30 or more at a venue near you.

Heke Kawa Oranga – Diploma in Health Promotion, Sport and Exercise Sciences  Ō 

Combine your love of physical activity (sports, fitness, outdoor pursuits) with the theory of healthy lifestyle choices grounded in a tikanga Māori health and wellness framework. This is a practical programme perfect for anyone looking to start a career in sports and health promotion or exercise instruction.  Learn to incorporate te whare tapa whā into your career and personal life.



Heke Kaitiakitanga Pūtaiao – Diploma in Environmental Management  Ō 

Explore the roles and responsibilities of tangata whenua to ngā taonga tuku iho (our inherited treasures) and how to uplift and maintain the wellbeing of the environment from a kaupapa Māori perspective.  If you love the outdoors and are an environmentalist at heart, this very practical qualification will set you on the right path to a career looking after our great outdoors.


Creative & Performing Arts

Heke Whare Tapere – Diploma in Literary Performing Arts  Ō 

Be introduced to the expression of Māori concepts, behaviour and values through song and dance. Learn the history of whare tapere and develop key performance skills, including haka and waiata.  An ideal programme if you are interested in taking drama or stage performance to a whole new level.

Heke Toi Whakarākai – Diploma in Design and Art (Carving or weaving) Ō 

If you have a creative flair and love working with your hands, this 'hands-on' practical programme will get your creative juices flowing. Learn the methods used in traditional Māori art forms. Choose between a weaving or carving pathway and start developing taonga for your whānau, hapū or iwi.

Language Te Reo Māori

Heke Reo Māori – Diploma in Te Reo Māori Ō, O

This one year full immersion programme will help to bring forth that seed which lies dormant. If you are seeking to become fluent in te reo Māori then this tohu will ensure you develop proficiency in acquiring the language. You will attend daily classes Monday to Thursday, be in quick as this programme fills fast.

Poutāhu Te Reo Māori – Postgraduate Diploma in Te Reo Māori Ō 

He tohu whakatupu i te whakaaro mō te reo Māori o ngā tūpuna. Ka rangahaua ngā kōrero o neherā kia kitea ai te āhua o te reo i a rātou, ā, i tō rātou nā wā.  Mā ēnei mahi e whakawhānui te kōrerotanga me te tuhinga o te ākonga. This qualification is eligible for TeachNZ scholarships and study awards.

Industry Culture & Heritage

Heke Puna Maumahara – Diploma in Information Management  Ō 

Develop the necessary skills to become a guardian for the source of knowledge contained within your whānau, hapū, iwi or workplace. This qualification is ideal for anyone who aspires to manage the care, recording and preservation of taonga; or anyone aspiring to work, or already working, in a library, cataloguing service, museum, or records management role.

Heke Ahunga Tikanga – Diploma in Māori Laws and Philosophy  Ō 

Become entrenched in tikanga Māori and open up your philosophical mind as you take a journey back to the origins of tikanga itself, how it related to us then and its relevance in today’s ever changing world. You will explore whakapapa and the beginnings of Māori law, Ranginui, Papatūānuku, Tāne and Tangaroa and more.  A must for those entering the legal system or involved with iwi and hapū affairs.

Poutāhū Ahunga Tikanga – Postgraduate Diploma in Māori Laws and Philosophy  Ō 

Turn your passion for justice, Māori and this whenua into a resource that will benefit and support the lives of whānau, hapū and iwi for generations to come.  Journey back through time as you investigate the practices of tikanga prior to contact with pākehā.  You will develop a clear understanding of Māori theories of existence, exploring a variety of creation theories relevant to your own, and other hapū and iwi. 

Mātauranga Māori

Heke Mātauranga Māori – Diploma in Mātauranga Māori  Ō

Learn about kaupapa and tikanga Māori that define the way we view the world as Māori. Explore Māori knowledge as our tūpuna understood it, as we understand it today and as it will be applied tomorrow.  This study will enhance your opportunity for career advancement; valuable to anyone working with or for Māori organisations.

Tāhuhu Mātauranga Māori – Master of Mātauranga Māori Ō 

Nau mai ki tēnei tohu i whakatūria hei taumata whai i te mātauranga. Ko te tūmanako, kei te tohu mātauranga nei tētehi huarahi e āta tupu ai te mātauranga, te māramatanga hoki o te iwi Māori. E whakahaerengia ana e Te Wānanga o Raukawa tēnei tohu mātauranga hei taumata whai i te mātauranga, otirā, kia taea e ngā tauira te āta rangahau i ngā āhuatanga o tēnei taonga.

If you want to undertake your thesis from a Māori world view then this is the qualification for you.  Stand out amongst others as this two year master's qualification challenges you to expand your awareness of mātauranga and examine personal perspectives.


Business & Management

 Heke Toko Mana – Diploma in Māori and Administration  Ō 

Move beyond administration as you draw on tikanga Māori to add value to administrative leadership and planning roles within an organisational context.  For anyone wanting to advance in the corporate sector or add to an existing administration role, this programme will start you on that journey and is the ideal lead in for the degree and master's qualification in whakahaere.

Poutāhū Whakahaere – Postgraduate Diploma in Management Ō 

Take a step up on the corporate ladder as you integrate tikanga Māori, reo, iwi and hapū studies into your knowledge of management as you plan, lead, organise and control business affairs through a Māori world view.  This programme is ideal if you are seeking to advance your corporate career or give your organisation the edge by integrating kaupapa and tikanga Māori inside your business processes. 



Do I need to be able to speak te reo Māori to enrol with Te Wānanga o Raukawa?

For  the majority of  our programmes, no. If you study at diploma level or above you will enrol in te reo Māori papers as part of your qualification.  You do not need to speak and understand the Māori language to enrol except where  proficiency  of te reo is required for entry (e.g.  teaching and postgraduate level courses).

Tip: Our FREE online Poupou Huia  Te  Reo courses are an excellent way to get a  headstart  with te reo Māori and gain confidence in the online learning space. 

What level of  computing skills should I have to study at  Te  Wānanga o Raukawa?  

While we can assist you to develop and hone your computing skills when you study with us, you should already feel comfortable using  a laptop or computer, as well as common Microsoft applications, such as Word,  Powerpoint, Excel and email.  As a student at Te Wānanga o Raukawa, you will have access to Microsoft Office 365 and will be required to use these applications to complete your studies.   

All courses at diploma level and above require students to work online, therefore, you will need a good internet connection and a laptop or computer. Some components, such as Iwi and Hapū Studies, are delivered entirely online and include written assignments  and weekly online activities.    

Do I need to move to  Ōtaki  to study at Te Wānanga o Raukawa?    

If you want to study te reo Māori full time in the Heke Reo diploma, you may want to think about moving  to Ōtaki or somewhere close by. Students in the full time reo programmes attend classes Monday to Thursday at the  Ōtaki  campus, so it is best to live within daily travelling distance.    

For all other courses at Te Wānanga o Raukawa, you can live anywhere in Aotearoa, as long as you can travel to the scheduled noho (residential stays) for your courses throughout the year. Most noho are held at the Ōtaki campus or our Manukau or Gisborne sites. You will also need to have a good internet connection and reliable laptop or computer while you are studying to attend hui online and complete online course components.

For an example of what noho dates look like over a year, check out the Maramataka Schedule 2020.



Find our more by taking the next step to gaining all the information you need to make an informed decision about studying with us.

Irenibelle Bernard

"Having the opportunity to complete Iwi and hapū studies (my connection to whakapapa), Marae tikanga and te reo through waiatamōteateakarakia and exercise has been instrumental in reconnecting my wairua, my tinana and my mana to my mauri ora." 

Irenibelle Bernard, Heke Reo, Heke Rongoā graduate nō Ngāti Raukawa.