Te Reo Studies

Ko tōku reo tōku ohooho, ko tōku reo tōku mapihi mauria 

My language is my awakening, my language is the window to my soul 

  • Give expression to your voice in a variety of situations through developing your capability in mihimihi, karakia, waiata and kōrero. 
  •  You do not need to be a speaker of te reo to begin your journey with us.  
  • Learning occurs in a reo and tikanga Māori setting.  Engagement in activities, events and experiences and with exposure to reo champions, will encourage normalising the use of reo in your life. 

Stand Alone Reo Qualifications

Te Wānanga o Raukawa offer two certificate courses – Poupou Huia Te Reo (Certificate in Māori Protocol and Language for use in the Home), NZQA Level 4 and Poupou Huia Te Reo – Te Hokairangi (Certificate in Tikanga and Māori Language for the Home and Community), NZQA Level 5.  These are 20 week courses delivered fully online. 

The Reo Component of your Studies

All undergraduate courses include a te reo Māori component which is facilitated online removing the need to attend a face to face delivery (except for attending hui rumaki reo). Learning is done through 'Mūrau' or Moodle, our online learning management platform and is suited to all learning styles with tutor assistance every step of the way.  

In order to successfully graduate from your chosen qualification you need to participate and complete at least 70 per cent of the  online Mūrau component.  You are also required to complete tuhingaroa and attendance and participation at all scheduled Hui Rumaki Reo.   

Assessments are a mixture of written assignments, activities and oral presentations all in te reo Māori, once again you will have tutor support every step of the way. 

Reo studies begin the first week of each huringa (semester) for 16 weeks.  Students are required to complete their online work before being invited to attend Hui Rumaki Reo with the exception of the first HRR held for new students in year one of their undergraduate qualification. 

Hui Rumaki Reo 

Our immersion hui (hui rumaki reo) are a proven method to achieving language success.  These are run three times a year in your first year (twice in semester one and again in semester two).  In your second and third year you will attend Hui Rumaki twice a year.  

The first hui rumaki reo can be quite an overwhelming experience, but you will not be alone. You will begin this journey and every other hui rumaki reo afterwards with a pōwhiri, please come dressed appropriately.   This is a great opportunity to start developing your listening skills and preparing for the transition to full immersion.

You will start with an introduction to the protocols and expectations and get to know your fellow students from across programmes before going into full immersion that evening. 

Everything you need to prepare for hui rumaki reo is contained within the online environment and you will be given resources such as dictionaries, booklets and useful phrases to help you through this journey. 

NOTE:  Students of Heke/Poutuarongo Whakaakoranga will attend their own Hui Rumaki Reo, please contact your academic area for details.

Future Pathways

Future pathways for Graduates include kaiwhakaako i te reo Māori, private teacher, cultural advisor, broadcaster, lecturer, policy advisor, kaitohutohu i te reo Māori, kairangahau, kaiwhakahaere Kaupapa mahi, kaiwhakawhitiwhiti reo Māoi, translator, reo revitalisation. 

List of courses within the Te Reo component 

  • REO101 Hui Rumaki Reo 1 
  • REO102 Hui Rumaki Reo 2  
  • REO201 Hui Rumaki Reo 1 
  • REO202 Hui Rumaki Reo 2 
  • REO301 Hui Rumaki Reo 1 
  • REO302 Hui Rumaki Reo 2 
  • TREO401 Te Whakatupu i Te Reo 1/Advanced Reo 1 
  • TREO404 Te Reo Ōpaki/Everyday Situational Language 
  • TREO405 Kura Wānanga Reo I and II