Whitihiko ki te Ao

Whitihiko ki te Ao is a vision for Te Wānanga o Raukawa to nurture and expand the mātauranga Māori continuum by inspiring and preparing more Māori to participate in the technology industry.

Whitihiko ki te Ao - Timeline

Te Wānanga o Raukawa are a hub for Māori education, operating and delivering in accordance with our guiding kaupapa, we continue to uphold the mana of our tūpuna who began this ambitious intent.  Building on this platform we continue to be innovative in our ways in which to elevate Māori education, Whitihiko ki te Ao is a continuation of this legacy.   Click on the above image to view an illustration of the mātauranga Māori continuum and timeline.

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Whitihiko ki te Ao will see the development of a world first digital and innovation campus and startup incubator within a kaupapa Māori learning environment.  Read more from the media release here:  'New kaupapa Māori digital training programme and start-up incubator to inspire greater Māori participation in Aotearoa’s digital revolution'.

Our Aim

  • Establish a world-class digital training pathway within a kaupapa Maōri learning environment.
  • Develop digital courses that enhance opportunities for Māori success.
  • Develop a global reputation for creating future 'digital' leaders by arming students with the knowledge, expertise and confidence to bring their bold ideas to life.
  • Achieve a high industry intake for students who complete our digital courses.
  • Create opportunities for Māori tech founders to succeed on a local and global stage.
  • Support the establishment of more kaupapa Māori businesses contributing to the Māori economy at both a local, national and international level.
  • Develop Māori digital leaders who will create digital kete or tools to capture and share te Ao Māori knowledge and play a key role in the on-going  revitalisation of te reo Māori.
  • Foster industry partnerships to enhance course content and set the groundwork for employment opportunities for students.

Discovery Phase

The initial concept started pre-covid and we just wrapped up our discovery phase of the project.  This phase involved working with our own students, whānau, local kōhanga reo, Kura Māori and creatives in Ōtaki to capture their aspirations and imagination on what our future could look like in our local community.  

We are currently in the process of finalising the insights that were captured through-out this phase. Watch this space!

Whitihiko ki te Ao - pop up space

 For information on Whitihiko ki te Ao email whitihikokiteao@twor-otaki.ac.nz

Whitihiko ki te Ao
  1. The People are our wealth; develop and retain
  2. The marae is our principal home, maintain and respect
  3. Te Reo Māori is a taonga, halt the decline and revive
  4. Self-determination



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